Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just the Beginning

So I for my first post, I figured I'd speak about the artwork I have featured in my banner! 

This was a class assignment I completed last year, at the end of second semester. The idea was to create a surreal glamour portrait inspired by one of the four seasons. Sounds fun right? I originally planned to go with spring, and became inspired by the Marc Jacobs Lola ads featuring Karlie Kloss lying in a bed of flowers. The ultimate result was this concept:

What I loved about this was how she was peaking through this dense bush of leaves, and thought the addition of the flower and bee in the foreground  gave the drawing a good sense of depth. However, the more I worked on this concept, the more disillusioned I became, and ultimately decided to start over from scratch the night before our sketches were due (of course). The final sketch was actually very close, but not quite the same as the final product. I moved away from spring and restarted with summer, creating this image of a woman with wild, coral reef hair. However, the sketch featured her on a beach buried in the sand, and it was my teacher who suggested to relocate her underwater and add some extra fish to the piece. And it was a good thing, because the change in location ended up giving the final product a very tranquil, ethereal feeling.

Plus! Here's a fun fact, a liquid matte medium was used to adhere sugar and crumpled bits of wheat thins to the paper, thereby giving the coral a very nice texture. And then when ink was applied to the sugar, it created these great organic shapes, and really brought the coral to life. The piece ended up smelling pretty sweet too ;)


  1. JIMMY! You know that commercial where the guys in the Wheat Thin bus read the guy's tweet about using a Wheat Thin to pick his air guitar? And they go ambush him? It's pretty dumb, but... they should totally go ambush you for making an epic portrait using Wheat Thins.

    It is epic & beautiful & I love it. haha!

    (P.S. I totally just stalked your blog off your friend's blog which I stalked the link for off your Facebook wall. That's triple stalkage. I'm so proud of myself.)

    ~Emilia from HYS

  2. Keep up the good is already super amazing.